Your plan is our plan…

So you’re sat at home, reviewing your latest energy bills, listening to the traffic in the street outside, contemplating how you’re going to hang your new 60” TV and considering putting on another layer as its starting to get a little chilly. Perhaps this isn’t the case, but then perhaps it is.

StrataComfort takes a simple approach to help you understand what we can do for you, the devil is inevitably in the detail but to give you an idea of an indicative price we’ve added a simple tool below to give you an indication and set your expectations.

Before you race off to find your tape measure, there are few things to consider…

  • Height and Width

    You need to measure the maximum height and width of the wall you want to get an indicative price for.

  • Windows and Doors

    There’s no need to make allowances for the windows or doors

  • Cost

    This indicative price is for supply and installation

Additional costs beyond this may include:

  • Features

    Additional wall features such as recesses or chimney breasts

  • Services

    Extending and refitting the services (plumbing and electrics) if necessary (we do this)

  • Extras

    Pot of paint and roller or Wallpaper, pasting table and paste

Once you’ve concluded your measurements and have some indicative pricing, return to your seat and begin to way up the pro’s and con’s of this potential investment in your property. One financial consideration is that 30% to 40%* of your properties heat loss is through the very walls you are about to measure, so when you revisit your energy bill extract 30p to 40p in the pound as your first win!

What people who have worked with us have to say

I used to have the thermostat set at 25o and it was always still cold. Now I have it set at 15and it’s warm as toast.

Mrs. V, Tameside ManchesterResident

Matilda’s Blanket was quick and easy to install. There has been minimal impact on the period feel of the property and the new insulation has blended seamlessly into our home. We are planning to use the money we save to invest in further energy saving improvements to our home.

Mrs. M of MossleyResident

We were very impressed with the product, the reaction of our tenants to it and with the low level of disruption the installations caused.

D Vose Investment Manager New Charter HousingLandlord

The system delivers what it says on paper – fast, effective, with virtually no mess to tenants’ properties; and the ability to save money and save energy. The system meets and beats the demands of ECO guidelines and compliance in one.

D Gray Business Development Manager Turner Facilities ManagementInstaller