About the system

A principle Strata of the StrataComfort system utilises a bonded sandwich of high performance materials that ensures that your homes heat loss is kept to an absolute minimum, through entrapment of your heat energy in an insulant layer that is only 10mm away from your living space. That cold wall that used to suck the warmth out of your home is now buried beneath and your energy bills are dropping as you take comfort from the warmth and money savings you’ll enjoy.

Take comfort from the fact that you won’t need to vacate your property while the StrataComfort team work tirelessly to install your StrataComfort system. Each wall has been designed specifically for the property and the team will require little preparation from the occupier to allow the installation to start. There will be little or no mess, no need for plastering, very little waste and all electrical and plumbing systems reintroduced to the front face of the wall, just as we found it. Our goal is to complete a room in a day and hand it back to you for decoration.

StrataComfort’s safety performance is one of those hidden benefits we hope that you never have to call upon. While there are many benefits of such a robust system, the principle concern is one of fire and most importantly the performance of the system should such an event occur in your home. All of the materials used within the system and especially those material layers of the sandwich are all fire rated and approved for the use specified i.e. within rooms or compartmentalised. The front face of the walling system alone is a significant barrier to the spread of fire, and all potential fire routes through the system are sealed with fire retardant fillers.

Think plasterboard, think flaky. We’ve all experienced the need to hang a picture or a TV on typical plasterboard construction wall and found it troublesome, let alone those heart breaking moments when the front face is damaged by a relatively small impact or scrape. With the StrataComfort system you don’t have to concern yourself with any of this. Impact tests through 68 hammer drops were performed on the StrataComfort front face with no resultant damage, while plasterboard failed after 5 drops. Equally there are no issues with hanging significant loads to the wall, kitchen cupboards, shelving or TV’s can be fixed directly with standard and approved fixings.

One of the significant benefits of the StrataComfort system is its ability to help reduce the noise you experience from the outside world. The material layers are a very capable acoustic blanket that coupled with the air gap between it and your external wall will enhance your comfort through silent bliss. Early installations of the product quickly highlighted that noise reduction was high on the customer feedback form and especially for those homes that sat on main roads or flight paths.

With indoor air quality becoming a major health concern the world over, Matilda’s Planet StrataComfort will shortly be offering an enhanced solution that adds yet another Strata of well being to your property. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are harmful chemicals that are found throughout your home that take on a gaseous form at room temperature; these chemicals have been found to cause a wide range of ailments including nausea, breathing difficulties and skin rashes. StrataComfort+ will adopt new material technologies that decompose these chemicals and it isn’t hindered by an emulsion paint finish. Another layer of comfort, I’m sure you’ll agree…