In Partnership

In creating the new regime one of the key motivators was to make our improved system as close to the end user as possible. So the regional clusters will steadily spring up for the walling material.

Practical workshops will be established close enough to the centres of housing to achieve two goals. The first is to stimulate local employment and the second to reduce the distance and time to each property.

The installation of our system has many acknowledged virtues to those fitting and to those who live in the homes benefitting from Matilda. Our task is to help stimulate purchase interest in and around the workshops engineering the house sets and those who install reducing the time and distance people have to travel to earn a good living. This will depend upon the sort of partnerships we can create.

For us “partnership” is an important word. Our first discussion with any social landlord will start with would you like to help your people. Would you consider some form of local partnership? Do you have the right stuff in real corporate social responsibility? Would you like us to train the young and not so young with the skills needed to be part of the final workshop or an installation specialist?

All of the above and more are intended to achieve our aim of doing good, enjoying what is being done and seeing a positive difference in the lives of those in greatest need. Remarkably this approach will actually reduce the average cost per home, so the more power to your budget.

What people who have worked with us have to say

I used to have the thermostat set at 25o and it was always still cold. Now I have it set at 15and it’s warm as toast.

Mrs. V, Tameside ManchesterResident

Matilda’s Blanket was quick and easy to install. There has been minimal impact on the period feel of the property and the new insulation has blended seamlessly into our home. We are planning to use the money we save to invest in further energy saving improvements to our home.

Mrs. M of MossleyResident

We were very impressed with the product, the reaction of our tenants to it and with the low level of disruption the installations caused.

D Vose Investment Manager New Charter HousingLandlord

The system delivers what it says on paper – fast, effective, with virtually no mess to tenants’ properties; and the ability to save money and save energy. The system meets and beats the demands of ECO guidelines and compliance in one.

D Gray Business Development Manager Turner Facilities ManagementInstaller