How it works

Infrared produces a primary and secondary heat source. The primary source is direct body heating by acting on a person’s skin creating an instant feeling of warmth.

The secondary source of heat are all the solids in the room. The infrared signal warms the solids and these in turn radiate heat back out into the room creating a warm and comfortable living environment.

Matilda’s Sunshine harnesses the power of infrared technology to heat your home gently. It is the only infrared system that is ERP A+ Rated. The installation of a Matilda’s Sunshine System can reduce annual energy bills by over 60%. Matilda’s Sunshine will save you money. Not “eventually”, not “over a period of 25 years”, but today.

  • Matilda’s Sunshine Carbon Crystal panels

    The system utilises the power of infrared technology to gently create a warm and comfortable living environment. In contrast to other heaters it warms the fabric of the building and not just the air.

  • Slimline solution

    Each carbon crystal panel is considerably slimmer than other forms of heating. At just 2cm thick it offers space saving opportunities and can be mounted to the ceiling to save floor space.

  • Savings

    With no pipework to run there are significant savings in installation time and cost; and minimal disruption for the residents, who won’t need to move out of the property.

  • Done in a day

    An entire house can be installed and programmed in a single day.

  • Flexibility

    The smart home link gives unrivalled flexibility so each room can be controlled and monitored to suit your needs.

  • Cheaper to run

    Matilda’s sunshine offers considerable costs savings against storage heaters, electric heaters and central heating systems.