Case Studies

The Griffiths Family

The Griffiths family, from Weaverham in Cheshire own the 1950’s Semi-Detached brick house that they currently live in. They wanted to save money on their household energy bills – particularly from heating their home, which was estimated at being approximately 62% of their overall total energy consumption.

Before the Matilda’s Sunshine installation, they had a Domestic ‘Grade A’ Worcester Bosch Boiler wet system heating 8 rooms, each with its own radiator.

From the initial heat loss survey of the house, we found the overall heat loss of the house per unit volume was 7.40 W/mÑ.

The Matilda’s Sunshine installation team removed the existing ‘wet’ radiator system and installed 8 Matilda’s Sunshine Radiant Panels with a Smart Control Thermostat in each zone programmed to control the room temperature at 20°C in each room.


  • Cost

    From billing analysis comparison of total energy consumption for same periods before and after the Matilda’s Sunshine  installation, showed a direct cost saving of £626.30 (Saving 43.14 % from their total energy bill).

  • Energy Saving

    From billing analysis comparison of total energy consumption for same periods before and after the Matilda’s Sunshine installation, together with the data collected from the Matilda’s Sunshine Control Thermostat with Consumption, showed that energy units (in kWh percentage was reduced by 69%.

  • Carbon Footprint

    With no pipework to run there are significant savings in installation time and cost; and minimal disruption for the residents, who won’t need to move out of the property.

  • Health Benefits

    As opposed to traditional convection heating, radiant heating attracts and creates far less airborne dust, pollen and bacteria – ideal for occupants suffering from allergies or asthma. Radiant heating has become a widely recognized form of natural healthcare and is used in physiotherapy and rheumatism treatments as well as improving blood circulation.

  • Maintenance

    There is a 20 year performance guarantee on all Matilda’s Sunshine Panels. They are monitored and managed thermostatically, with no moving parts, plumbing or pipework. This amounts to requiring little or no maintenance to keep operating efficiently with 100% uptime.


An assessment of the system, in October 2018, shows a saving of 69% in the energy units (in kWh consumed in comparison to the same period using the Worcester Bosch Boiler, This represented a 43.14% saving on the total energy consumption, with an overall cost saving over the test period of £626.30.

When comparing the Matilda’s Sunshine System against other forms of heating systems (such as an Electric Storage Heater), typically the energy and cost savings are even greater than those illustrated.